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2006. 7. 28. 01:20

Dead 2.0

Most people in Internet Businesses might have heard of buzzwords about Web 2.0.
Do you really believe that web 2.0 is a new trend and it's whole fresh?

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I found a very interesting post. Take a look and have time for a deep thought.

Dead 2.0 - 11 Suggestions For Not Being a Dot-Bomb 2.0

    1. Have a revenue model, right now.  Not something you’ll figure out when you get some traffic.  Oh, and it cannot be 100% based on AdSense or being an Amazon Affiliate.
    2. Be a complete business, not just a feature.  Social networking on its own is done (despite recent entrants). MySpace and one or two others will survive, and they will get wrapped into bigger services.
    3. Affect real people, not just bloggers.
    4. Get a real, memorable name.  If you don’t have one now, figure out when you’ll make the switch.
    5. If applicable, get unaffiliated with Web 2.0, because it is hype and will have a very negative backlash in a little while.  I don’t know when, but it’s coming.
    6. Find some friends who don’t drink the kool-aid and get their honest feedback.  All too often we are surrounded by folks who want to make us feel good.
    7. If you are revolutionary, make sure that a revolution is coming.  Tagging social networks into podcasting clouds sure sounds fancy, but where is the wave to jump on?
    8. Fit your business into an existing food chain.  Back in dot-com times everybody spoke of a new economy.  Well, surprise, there isn’t one.
    9. Do not expect to be Google and, just as importantly, do not expect them to buy you.
    10. Ignore the hype and have fun.

U'd better go read the whole article if you have more time. There's more to explore. ;]

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