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2006. 7. 15. 11:21

Cyworld Studio...

Cyworld Studio?

  • Easy to Use (Obvious what icons and functions mean, which means it's simple)
  • Easy to Understand (Since it is Not far different from Cyworld Editor)
  • Well-Organized (Sorting by Date, File Name, Foldername)
  • Well-Intergrated with Minihompy (Much Easier to Upload pics, More pics at one time)
  • Satisfy the needs of whom who wanted to see the pics in a wide view
    (offers slide show, you can browse all your minihompy pics without paging)

Cyworld Studio

Even though i had difficulty finding tagging system and saving pics from my cyworld easily,
But i have kinda liking of this image studio. It looks so neat and easy.

In addition, I think i should give Cyworld a credit for tyring their best to introduce Studio.
I can see they studied a lot about this. I can see Flickr, Picassa & Multikit from Studio.

One question.
Why don't they use this studio instead of editor at Cyworld?
When they start offering this on the web, it would be worthy, at least for me.

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  • 하이~:) Evelina. 이렇게라도 만나니 반가워요. ㅜ.ㅜ
    내일은 보시면 상콤하게 커피한잔 메세지라도 뿌려주세요.
    정말 얼굴본지 백만년이다.

  • Sarah 2007.08.13 04:05 ADDR EDIT/DEL REPLY

    Hi Evelina..
    I just wanted to know
    where you download Cyworld Studio
    I try to find it
    but I cant
    Can you please give me the site so i can download it please?

    • BlogIcon Evelina 2007.08.13 09:29 신고 EDIT/DEL

      you can download it at http://www.cyworld.com/main2/studio/studio_download.asp but it's all written in Korean. I don't know this will help. Anyway, go & check!

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