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2006. 7. 6. 02:38

Milk & Cereal....

Milk & Cereal

The song, Milk & Cereal was sung by one of my favorite groups, G.Love & Special Sauce.
Actually they haven't got time for having meals during tour,
they only had had milk and cereal and then created this song.

Flash back, this funny 'Lip sync' video clip was a big issue. abt 3-4 yrs ago?
This fuuny clip was made by two white boys at first.
Later, two cute asian boys at Berkley showed up and performed this movie perfectly.

Then they were arguing that who first made this and who's funnier.
At last, it was ended like this showed a sort of nationalism and the tragedy of minorities in the States.

NEway, I hope you to enjoy this clips!
(I got two of them from youtube as you see!)

Asian boys! The boy in the right got popular among asian girls.
They even said, he really made her urge to go to Berkley!

If you want to see more about this series and rate who's the best,
go to http://youtube.com/results?search=milk+%26+cereal&search_type=search_videos

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