Lost Cause vs. Basket Case :: Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift

2006. 7. 22. 14:17

Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift

I watched Fast & Furious, Tokyo Drift  a couple of days ago. It was not either good nor bad.
If you like cars and those sorta movie, go watch it.
Iif you expect nice and handsome boys and what a nice romance, then go pick up other movies.

In the movie, one people just caught my eyes.
Since he was the nicest one and just looked like

Fast & Furious

Fast & Furious

Sung Kang, The Tallest Guy In the Picture

His name was 'HAN' in the movie. He speaks English better than the hero!
His real name is Sung Kang and Korean-American.

the main reason why i chose to watch this clip was,
There was
츠마부키 사토시, one of my favorite entertainers. He's soooooooooooooo cute.
As far as you know, only for 5 seconds. Pity on me!!!!!

츠마부키 사토시

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